Miami Bachelorette Party (on a budget)

When two of my best friends got engaged in a relatively short period time, they decided to do a combined bachelorette party. We decided to go big or go home, and chose Miami as the destination!

Our group was super excited to plan a bachelorette weekend for two of our BFFs, but when we started to add up potential costs, I think everyone got a little bit anxious. Miami is expensive; that’s not a secret. As young professionals fewer than 5 years out of college, none of us are rolling in dough. Despite that, with a little bit of research and planning, we were able to go on a really fun trip and make it special for our brides-to-be.

Airbnb is a great place to find affordable accommodations in and around Miami. For this trip, it was important that the accommodations were within walking distance to the beach, had a pool, and had enough space for all seven of us to sleep. While we couldn’t find that in our budget directly in Miami, we were able to find it in the neighboring city of Sunny Isles. The condo was on the Intracoastal Waterway, and it had a beautiful view of the beach. It also had a good-sized pool and hot tub, so it met all of our check points. The Lyft ride into Miami was only about $30-35 per ride, so split between everyone riding it was only about $5-$7 per ride!

What to do during the day:
Pools are thing to do in Miami during the day. This can get crazy expensive when you factor in cabanas, daybeds, minimum spends, and so on. Luckily, we found The Confidante! The Confidante is a Miami hotel that has an affordable day pass with both pool and beach access (I purchased our day passes through Daycation). It was a cool place and had a really fun, Florida-y vibe. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, but lucky for us, service was excellent! They treated us to an upgrade with a large cabana. It not only kept us dry but also kept the party going. They definitely saved our day!

What to do at night:
If you’re in Miami for a bachelorette party, you have to go to a club, right? After talking to a few friends who had recently visited the area or who lived there, we came down to debating between Story and Liv, and finally decided on Liv.

For those who are trying to keep spending to a minimum, definitely pregame because drinks are expensive ($15+!). Cover can be expensive too depending on who’s DJing and which day of the week you go. We lucked out – one of our girls had a connection who was able to get us on the list, so we had no cover and a minimal wait. If you have connections, use them! If not, between cover and $500 bottle service, this could end up being one of the pricier parts of your trip.

Partying at Liv was definitely the ultimate “Miami experience” – one that us Georgia girls will not easily forget (or some of us might not easily remember)!

For those on a budget, this might be the biggest part of the trip where you can really save money. When I travel, I typically like to try local restaurants, however, Miami prices are what they are – high. Even so, we were able to balance eating local a couple of times while still staying in budget.

We were so excited when we first arrived that we just had to get out of the condo for dinner! We found a restaurant right on Sunny Isles Beach called Beach Bar @ Newport Pier. The food and drinks were pretty good, even if they were a little overpriced. It was nice to be able to eat on the water the first night we were there.

Saturday’s lunch at the Confidante’s pool was casual but delicious (AKA good drinking food).

Dinner plans turned into needing a break between drinking at the pool all day and going out that night, so we decided to keep it low key and order some pizza. This also gave us time to play the kind of games you can only play at a bachelorette party and pregame before our night out at Liv.

The Cuban cuisine is something everyone should try while in Miami. Unfortunately, I had to catch a morning flight, but the rest of the girls got to try Havana 1957 before heading out on Sunday. Apparently the food was delicious, the experience not so much. There was an issue with the plumbing, and my friends had to run out of the restaurant before their feet and luggage got wet from water flooding from the bathroom (glad I missed out on that one!).

I know that planning a bachelorette trip can turn into something stressful to do when you’re trying to keep costs down, but you really shouldn’t let it limit you! We were able to travel to a city that many of the girls in our group had never been to, got to enjoy what I feel like was a unique Miami experience, and had an absolute blast all without breaking the bank. It just took a little bit of planning to make this once in a lifetime party for our best friends happen!

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